“ICE-ing on the race” week.

So, I am in week 12 of a 19, training for a 62 mile race. When you are training for a 50+ mile race, most of the time part of the plan is to run at least a marathon and a 50K before your designated race.

I choose to taper before each training race distance. I guess you could call it a mini taper. It is not necessary to taper before these training races, but I like the mental break. For my target race, Zion 100K I will do a traditional 3 week taper.

This week in Middle Tennessee. . . lots of ice and a bit of snow and temps ranging from 0-22 degrees. This weather system shut down school for a week and made running impossible, if not treacherous on the roads. Here’s how I adapted and enjoyed my running/taper week. Add this to your bag of tricks, when weather challenges your training.

Tuesday I met at my neighbor’s house for an impromptu interval class. I planned an hour’s worth of activity.  Repeat each group of four bullet points 3 times. My goal was to design a workout that included an easy cardio interval that was guaranteed to raise the heart rate,  one compound exercise per set (compound exercise= exercise targeting two muscle groups at once, like a squat combined with a shoulder press), stay on your feet for the exercises until the last set and to do 20 reps per exercise.

  • up and down on one stair step as quickly as you can for 1 minute
  • squat/shoulder press 20x
  • 1 minute 20 second wall sit
  • lat pull down with a resistance band 20x
  • up and down on one stair step as quickly as you can
  • plies with hammer curl 20x
  • tricep press with the band 20x each arm
  • bent over rows with free weights 20x
  •  up and down on one stair step as quickly as you can for 1 minute
  • inner thigh exercise with the band 20x each leg
  • planks 60 seconds with variations, depending on strength
  • push ups with arm raise to the side 10x

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday . . . THE TREADMILL for many a runner this conjures up negative feelings,  boredom, unchanging scenery, inside, hot, time limits, etc. Friends-I shared this same opinion until this week. I’ve run 5-7-7 miles this week all on the treadmill.

My favorite plan? I like to spend the first 3 miles warming up. (It is great to have a friend with you, during this part. It helps to keep your pace easy and the talking is distracting.) At mile 4, I am ready to run some hills. Here’s how I do my hill intervals. You could do something similar with speed and no hills by using each quarter mile to gradually increase speed without changing incline.

  • miles 1-3 warm up. I set mine to 5.8/0%incline
  • miles 4.0-4.25 speed 5.8/1% incline
  • miles 4.25-4.5 speed 5.8/1.5% incline
  • miles 4.5-4.75 speed 5.8/2% incline
  • miles 4.75-5 speed 5.8/0.5% incline
  • miles 5-5.25 speed 5.9/1% incline
  • miles 5.25-5.5 speed 5.9/1.5% incline
  • miles 5.5-5.75 speed 5.9/2% incline
  • miles 5.75-6 speed 5.9/1% incline
  • miles 6-6.25 speed 6.1/1.5% incline
  • miles 6.25-6.5 speed 6.1/2% incline
  • miles 6.5-6.75 speed 6.1/3% incline
  • miles 6.75-7.25 cool down speed 5.8/0% incline

I’m racing the Dry Creek Marathon this Sunday! Race report to follow.

I would love your feedback!

What is your favorite workout on the treadmill?

What is your go to gym workout?

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