I Believe in You

Running has been my rhythm, my passion, my elixir, my antidote for over 18 years, from 10K on the road to 100 miles in the wilderness. Running has energized and empowered me. I want running to energize and empower others too. As a running coach, I get to work with all levels of people. It is fun! It is a privilege.

I am coaching 2 women right now who are training for their first 100 mile trail race. I could not love this more!!! I told these two that they are composed of “grit and grace”. It is grit that will get them across the finish line and grace that will give them pause and joy after they are finished. I will encourage them. I will listen to their highs and lows. I will provide them with the tools and the inspiration when life gets busy (and it does) and when training gets hard (and it will).

Do you have someone in your life that no matter your failures, no matter your setbacks, no matter your insecurities or your negative self talk. . . They refuse to give up on you. They just believe in you? 

There is something powerful that happens when you find someone who believes in you and believes in your dreams. They are the first person you want to call or to text or to cry to, because they are in it for you. They are in it with you. Gosh! I love this about coaching runners. It’s such a passionate thing for me. You put all you have into the time you spend training and balancing life. Such an adventure.

I am going to work on some blog posts to give you some incite into my process of coaching, into their process of training (with their permission, of course!) This will be fun!


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