Garmin and I are “on a break”

He said, “faster, faster!”

I said, “I’m not sure I can or I’m ready.”

He said, “We’re moving too fast!”

I said, “I’ll slow down.”

Garmin and I are separating for a while. I know what you are thinking, “but you’ve been together since December 2012?!” Friends, we have been separated now since May 12, 2013 (not that I’m keeping track). I am doing fine!

For the first couple of days, I missed Garmin terribly. I remember thinking, “how will running be the same without Garmin?” He tells me how fast to go, how slow to go, how long to go, not to walk (Garmin did not like me to walk because it threw off his numbers) and when to stop. Garmin and I would ‘beep’ the miles away. . . many, many miles. <long sigh>

BUT. . . I am experiencing freedom at this point in my running that I did not realize I needed. <huge grin>  No one is reminding me that I need to slow down because I have a long run ahead. I can walk here and there. I can go faster, if I want without Garmin reminding me that it’s too fast. There may be a race in the near future to run without him! Baby steps, right?! 🙂

1 thought on “Garmin and I are “on a break”


    Not there yet!  I see a big slow down for a month or so, right after June 22nd.  Then I will pick it up for December.  But then in December, I don’t even think I want to focus on pace, just completing it.  I want to do more yoga and such!  My body is tired right now, between stressful sleep, new shoes (oh, Liz, these are really throwing my body for a loop, 4 miles feels like 10 after but my pace has yet to suffer and I like the way they feel on my feet), heavy training.  Fear of injury controls my workouts so I am doing 2 a day 2 times a week (P90X weights with a 3 mile run, and yoga with a run) and I am about done!  Maybe I can give up Garmin after June 22nd, briefly at least! 🙂


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