How I finished 100 miles: My Crew & Pacers


 Intimate friends share each other’s experiences and in some ways they inhabit each other’s lives. They often have similar viewpoints and values, and they may share similar backgrounds and traditions. They witness the milestones and unexpected changes of life, the highs and lows, celebrations and sadness.

-Saul Levine, M.D. “The Importance of Friendship” Psychology Today

It’s easy to put down on the paper the logistical details that evolved before, during and after my race. It is not as easy to explain to you the connection and value that my crew and pacers brought to bear on this journey.

These four proved invaluable. They sacrificed their money, their time and their sleep for me. I wanted to make them proud.

Delaina. (crew) I would also call her a crew(s) director. She knows a lot about a lot. She is also an accomplished ultra runner. She is great with directions and not getting lost (the anti of me). What I remember most about her on this trip? Her laughter. I have never witnessed her uncontrollable laughter. I will also remember her hugs and care, when I needed to sit between aid stations. She stayed up all night and day and never showed a sign of tiredness. She made me sandwiches and cut watermelon. These two foods were the staple of my race!

Kathy. (crew) Gosh. She is another accomplished ultra runner. She is a solid, emotional rock to me. She could possibly be the anti-me, when it comes to expressing emotion. She def has emotion and does express it, but I wear my heart on my sleeve. My fav moment with Kathy on this trip was on our “scouting day”. We hiked up to Wagner Butte to check it out after we had driven the last part of the course. We met a man up at the fire tower whose job was to watch for the fires. He was a colorful character. He thought Teresa had the strongest southern accent. Later in our conversation, Kathy wittily said to him, “You’re the only TEN-I-SEE.” Hilarious. She too stayed up all night and all day to support and cheer for me.

Michelle. (1 st pacer) Gentle, humble. I have known her the longest. Michelle exudes excitement and joy. She ran miles 66-80 with me. We ran together from 2:15 am until about 6:00 am? Michelle’s a talented road runner! She is a Boston Qualifier. On the trail with Michelle, she told me, “Liz, you are doing this. You are running 100 miles. God is going to have bigger mountains in heaven for you to run!” We ran together into the sunrise.

Teresa. (2nd pacer) Detailed. Hilarious. Accomplished Ultra runner. Ran her first 50 miler in Oregon this year. I would say emotionally we are similar. She is better, however, at the details than I am. She has taught me a lot about putting together a race plan, and she has taught me about mental tapering. She paced me from mile 80 to 100.5. We started together at about 6:30 am and finished at 1:04 pm! My favorite part with her was the last 10 miles. She helped me to run/walk this section. I could not have done that without her. It hurt. Running. It hurt. Walking. She kept me focused on finishing with 5 minute walk intervals/5 minute run intervals. My fav moment with her was in the last 10 miles. She said to me, “did you see what Byron wrote about you?” She proceeded to tell me and we both started crying. 🙂

These four women know my heart. These four women mean a lot to me. Thank you ladies. I will never forget this trip.


“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” ― Flavia Weedn

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