Pine to Palm training (June)

Imagine that day, where you can finally say, “I did it!” When you can say, “I never gave up, I never quit!” Imagine that day when you win that gold medal, or cross the finish line. Where these moments of pain turn into memories for that goal you wanted to obtain. It might take long to reach that moment, but as soon as you get there you’ll thank yourself for the rest of your life.

June: 281 miles. 46,298′ of climbing

  • week 1: 63 miles. 7600′
  • week 2: 67 miles. 10,138′
  • week 3: 58 miles. 11,603′
  • week 4: 70 miles. 13,274′
  • week 5: 22.9 miles. 3,683

I spent most of my miles on the trail this month, again. I run 5/6 days on the trail. The trail  work and the treadmill hiking helped me to increase my climbing elevation this month.

New this month:

I took this month off from my trainer and worked twice a week on my core. I have a comprehensive core workout that takes 45 minutes to an hour using body weight as resistance.  I supplement with the bosu ball, exercise bands, medicine ball, pull up bar and yoga ball. It is an excellent workout!

I have also added a treadmill interval workout. I set the TM to 15% and I alternate between running and walking for 2-2.5 miles. This usually takes me between 27-35 minutes.

Looking ahead:

So, I feel like I have the foundation in place, after two months. Now, to keep my eyes on the prize and build upon my foundation. I will do a few days trips to run some more challenging trails. EYES on the PRIZE. It seems tedious. It seems never ending. It seems like too much to balance at times. Same eyes/same prize through the tedious, through the never ending, through the too much.

Loving now:

A good looking trucker hat.

Lululemon Swiftly tank. So soft. Fits well. They make every color you can imagine. My fav color is pink.

Running with my friends.

Chocolate milk for recovery.


Territory Run Co. love their thoughts on “running wild”.

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