Sitting here by myself, it’s quiet. Well, not without noise. As I sit and look out at the morning, I can hear the fridge. I can hear the birds outside. I hear the occasional car. . . I hear the sights and sounds in my mind of life; happy life, sad life, confusing life, unfair life, the best life, the life of dreams. . . it can be loud.

Sometimes, it’s too loud and I turn it down.

Sometimes, I can’t hear and I turn it up.

Sometimes, it’s too much and I turn it off.

Sometimes, SHH.

I showed up for my morning run at The Park. I was the first one in the lot. It was quiet. I was meeting a friend at 7 and had plenty of time on my own to enjoy some music and some running.

As I started, I was the only one. I turned on my shuffle and began to shuffle. Taking in the solitude. The aloneness. The birds. My foot falls. My breathing. The breeze blowing through the trees, shaking and rattling the leaves. The squirrels and chipmunks in a mad rush to cross the trail before me.

Then, why was it SO loud in my head. . . the noise. Guys! We live in a loud world. Sometimes, it’s too much. At that moment, even my music of choice was too much. I had to turn it off. . . too loud, too much.

Psychological noise is defined as a person’s internal preoccupations, prejudices, opinions and other qualities that affect his ability to understand and communicate in an environment. Noise by definition is a distraction of sorts that interferes with communication, and psychological noise is a distraction from within rather than outside the individual. “A Quiet Person in a Noisy World“, by Kindred Grace Team

The forest, the woods, the mountains are making me quieter. I become more thoughtful. I can get into a sense of flow via music, running, conversation, even quiet. It can be quiet and that’s okay. I can be alone at times and that’s okay. Our world is loud. I loved this FB post from Territory Run Co.

The hype making us confirm is loud and persistent. Escaping to a quiet place isn’t running away. It is essential.

When the day-to-day doings overwhelm, it’s important to find a still place.

You can be a part & apart at the same time.

-Mary Ellen Van Buskirk, “Still Life: Calm in Motion

The psychological noise is deafening at times. I’m not sure anything in life that matters is simple. . . people. . . God. . . love. . . pain. Truth is that there is nothing in my life that is there by accident. . . people. . . God. . . love. . . pain. 

In the eyes of the world, it’s not my relationship to Jesus that matters, but my resemblance.

Praying for Resemblence

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