Limits. We all have them. Know yours. Know that limits are individual. Mine are not yours. The first place to start pushing your limits is your mind. You won’t be able to challenge what you are doing now, unless you believe you can. Depth of endurance is equal to the depth the mind.


/’limit/ the furthest of one’s physical or mental endurance.

synonym: utmost, breaking point

“Some athletes don’t push on their limits nearly as hard as they could. They are content – or sad – to stay at a certain level of comfort. That might be exactly the right decision, or they might be missing an opportunity, or both. Think about this for a minute. What’s true for you?”

-Marvin Zauderer, Setting and Challenging Limits.

“Self-imposed limitations are tied to a person’s self image. The lower the self image, the lower the expectations the person has for himself or herself. Until that self image improves, until that person believes he or she will be successful or is capable of more, then he or she will continually underperform no matter what program or diet is followed.”

-Robert MacDonald from and article posted in Breaking Muscle, Overcoming Self Imposed Limitations: Mind training Strategies From Gym Jones.

Some days you’re training for 1500m. Some days you’re training for mile 26. Some days mile 65 . . .

“Being willing to be uncomfortable is essential for building toughness; it’s a characteristic that will pay dividends when honed to its fullest potential.”

Jason Koop with Jim Rutberg, Training Essentials For Ultrarunning.

My 100 mile race will be finished over & over & over & over in my head long before I finish on the trail in September. I’ll embrace discomfort in as many ways as I can . . . running when it’s hottest out, repeating hills and then repeating an extra 3, running with someone faster,  so,  I cannot talk,  and I can barely keep up.

“Working on your dreams or goals can take a lot of focus. Where you put that focus matters a lot. You might know where you are and where you were, but do you know where you need to go? Imagine that next level for reaching your dreams and take steps to get there.” -Steve Bloom, 7 Ways To Push Past Your Limits and Realize Your Goals.

“These are moments in which your mind becomes entirely absorbed in the activity so that you “forget yourself” and begin to act effortlessly, with a heightened sense of awareness of the here and now (athletes often describe this as “being in the zone”). . . Thus flow is a dynamic rather than static state, since a properly constructed flow activity leads to increased skill, challenge, and complexity over time. Since one’s skill doesn’t remain static, repeating the same activity would fall into boredom; the flow reward inspires one to face harder challenges.” Pursuit of Happiness, Mihaly Csiksgentmihalyi

“After going through 3 grueling workouts per week for about a month, I began to notice that pushing myself to my limit at the gym started to bleed over to other areas of my life.” -Derek Lauber, What You Need To Know About Summiting Everest, Running and Inventing Lightbulbs.

How do I limit myself?

I think. . .

I’m not as fast as they are. It’s too hot out. I’m not really feeling this. I need to lose weight. OR. . . if I lost weight. . . I should chose a race that’s easy. I can’t be ready for this race. I’m too old. Comparison.

How do I challenge myself?

I think. . .

I can do one more repeat. I love running in the heat. This will make me stronger. I can relax and complete this workout. I will love running at night. I can run 100 miles.


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