Taper: Tillamook Burn Trail Run 50

April running stats so far. . .

  • Week 1: 57.5 miles, 3 days on the trail, 3 days on the road, long run 25 miles
  • Week 2: 55.8 miles, 4 days trail, 1 day road, long run 23 miles
  • Week 3: TAPER, 4 days trail, 1 day road, long run 10-12 miles
  • Week 4: TAPER & race 4, 3, 2, 50!!


I am running the Tillamook Burn Trail Run on April 30th with Teresa. We are running the 50 mile. Click on the link and check out the course. I am very excited. I LOVE heading West to race on the trail. I have never been to Oregon. Based on the pictures, the trail looks green, lush and beautiful.

Tillamook offers a 50K, a 50, and a 50/50K. It is 9300′ of elevation gain and 9300′ of elevation loss, approximately 25 miles up and 25 miles down. This should be a match made in heaven for Teresa and me!!  I love to hike/run uphill and she loves downhill running. C A N N O T wait.

Mental tapering: There is some mental homework that needs to be done, while my body is physically resting. It is a two week time to reflect on my training, to reflect on my goals, to reflect on the course. Here are my race “key” words.

  • Patience. Expect to be on the trail ALL day and expect to LOVE it. How often to I GET to run from sun up to sun down without having to think about dinner, lunch, homework, appointments? It is like a thought reset for me.
  • Trust. I put in the work that I decided was necessary. I can trust my training. No regrets.
  • Meditate. The 5 senses. Touch. Sight. Taste. Sound. Smell. What will I touch? How will it feel? What will I see? What will I taste? What will I hear? What will I smell?
  • Worship. I view long races as an ongoing conversation with Jesus, like when the disciples were on the road to Emmaus. Teresa and I on the road to Emmaus talking about life, deep in conversation. . . then, Jesus shows up, right along side. He joins in our conversation. He joins in our running, our walking, interrupted only by eating, drinking, aid stations, bathroom breaks, sock changes. He will be there. HIS creation all around. . .
  • Write it down. Teresa and I sat down and broke down this course aid station to aid station. We thought about our paces. We thought about how it might feel, physically. We thought about our drop bag. It was great to put down the paces on paper and move through the course with those times.
  • Imagine. Imagine myself climbing strong and even. I will picture myself smiling A LOT. I will picture myself at each aid station. I will picture myself crossing the finish line.

How I have trained differently. I have done more power hiking. I have not added more treadmill hiking, but I have chosen to power hike a bit more of my overall miles. Practicing the rhythm. Practicing the pace.

How I have trained the same. Hill repeats. Core work. Long runs. Track work. Hiking on the treadmill. I continue to hike on the treadmill at 15% for at least 2 miles at a time, about 2 times a week, after running. I have continued to do hill repeats. I have power walked more of them this time around.

Some key elements of this race:

  • 6 ascents.  3 are 2 miles and under. 3 are significant, 4 miles, 7 miles, 5-6 miles.
  • 6 decents. 3 are 2 miles and under. 3 are significant, 4 miles, 7 miles, 5-6 miles.
  • 7 aid stations
  • access to our drop bags and a bathroom at one aid station that we will visit three times, miles 11.7, 24.2 and 36.4
  • 15 hour cutoff (we chose early start)
  • 11 hours to get to mile 36.4
  • 12.5 hours to get to mile 44.6
  • our start time is 5:00 am.
  • It is Oregon. It could rain on and off all day. It could just rain all day.
  • We will have one 10+ mile section of forest/jeep road from about miles 24-36. This is also the longest climb. I think we are both looking forward to this.

One week to go time. . .

I’d rather be completely exhausted from the hard times which breed success. . . than well rested from achieving nothing.





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