Lookout 50-My training

My goal race this year was Zion 100K. I ran that race in April this year. I used an 18 week training plan for this race. My average weekly mileage, during my training was 54 miles. I spent at least 16 of those days on the stationary bike because of two separate calf injuries. I finished this race in 17:57, 17:02 pace. Check out my race report-Zion 100K here, if you did not read it.

Immediately after Zion, I took at least 3 days off from any form of exercise. My feet were still swollen and I had a blister that got infected. I took 8 days after my rest and spent it on the bike. It was very good downtime from running. I started logging my running this June. June through August (17 weeks), my weekly average was 51 miles.

It was not until August that I decided to run Lookout 50. From September until now (10 weeks), I have averaged 62 miles a week. What a blast I am having logging these miles. đŸ™‚


  • I am doing a new workout routine, outside of the gym. Body weight exercises with bosu ball, yoga ball, resistance bands, medicine ball. I do this twice a week for about 45 minutes each session.
  • I am pushing my speed. Working on some negative split trail runs.
  • Running on the track one day a week for up to 7 miles, no more.
  • I am pushing my speed on my road runs that are between 5-10 miles. Adding some miles that are far outside my comfort zone.
  • Every 10 days, going to the gym.
  • Mental training: visualization, reading, mantras
  • running with a very motivated partner, who has raised her own running bar. . . Teresa Cox.

This week, I penned my race goals. ALL three are within my capabilities. It is cool to put it in writing. I am going to visualize my “A” goal this week. Makes me smile thinking about it now!

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