Can We Talk. . . about running?

What’s new in my running world? Nike’s, workouts, speed, reading

Shoes for the road: I’m sporting some new road shoes.  I have purchased the Brook’s Ghost for several years. My fav Ghost was the 6. Brooks is now on the Ghost 8. The 7 was just okay. I do not like the 8. I needed to find something new. What to do? Well, I enlisted the help of  “shoe dog” from Road Runner Sports, online. If a new runner asks me where to buy shoes, I will send them to Fleet Feat, Nashville  or Nashville Running Company! Both stores have some great people who love the sport and know their shoes.

I like a neutral road shoe that is light and NOT minimal. “Shoe dog” fetched me the Nike Pegasus 32. I am not a huge Nike fan for shoes. The only Nike pair I have ever owned was the Terra Kiger for the trail. I do like the Pegasus. I am not sure I would buy it again or stock up on another pair, but I am enjoying the color and the light weight. I DO like it better than the Ghost 7 and the Ghost 8.

 Resistance Workout: I went and visited my marathon coach, Sonja Friend-Uhl, two months ago. I was at the beginning of my Lookout 50 training plan. I knew I needed something changed to compliment my running. I either needed to add heavier weight to my gym routine or I needed to change the exercises that I was doing at the gym.

Well. . . Sonja changed it up! She has me doing two days of body weight exercises. I am taking a break from the gym and working out at home, with the help of a bosu ball, yoga ball, medicine ball, resistance bands, a pull up bar and all 150 lbs. of me!!

So far, this has resulted in a few pounds of weight loss and some speed. So LO-VING IT!

Running Workouts: I’ve been flirting with a speed lately. I think one of my fav workouts was today’s 5 mile run: warm up mile, hard mile, relax mile, hard mile, comfortably hard mile to finish. My times went like this, 9:11, 7:54, 9:06, 7:51 and 8:36. LOVED IT.

I’m still running a middle distance to long distance track workout on Tuesdays. This week’s for me was 10 x 500 (300 m recovery). The last 100 of the 500 was a stride.

On the trail, most of my runs are long in duration and long in mileage. That is how I like it. 🙂 For the past two weeks, I have been trying to negative split at least two of the four workouts I run in the woods, during the week. My biggest accomplishment this week? I negative split my 29-miler. Over the moon about it!!

Reading: On the night stand now, two marvelous books that will fine tune my mind for my upcoming 50 miler, How Bad Do You Want It? by Matt Fitzgerald and The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive by Jim Afremow, Ph.D. I am 1/4 of the way through The Champion’s Mind. It is good stuff! Some good quotes so far. . .

. . . the ultimate goal in the moment of action is to transcend conscious thinking so that you are fully experiencing your performance in the moment (i.e.. you are in flow state). Seek to improve the quality of your thoughts and to quiet the mind.

Motivational self-talk was found to be most effective for tasks requiring strength or endurance, like running or cycling.

Learn to think more positively about yourself and your game.

Be brilliant with the basics–because the fundamentals don’t change.

Coming soon. . . some details on my training for Lookout 50.




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