Some of My Lately’s and Heavy ‘Relating’

It may not be a marathon, but whatever race your eyes are set on…don’t go your whole life wondering if you could run it or not. Start now, prepare, take it on. We promise you, it will be worth it. -MonitortheBeat

Running I have been doing almost all of my miles on the trail, except for my track work. I am keeping an average of about 40 miles/week. Our weather in TN is officially hot and humid from before sunrise and until after sundown! The miles that I have been running are hot, humid and sweaty. I am trying some different electrolyte drinks to see what I like and what works well with nutrition on the trail. Time spent on the trail is longer. The climbing is greater. The need for nutrition and water and electrolyte is significant.

I am currently training for 2 days of the Cumberland Plateau Stage Race. Check it out. It will be a fun event with some great people at the end of August.

Summer track has started back up. We did our 2 mile time trial last week. I am working on some cool workouts for July that will combine hill repeats and track. I think I am going to call it “crazy 8s”, stay tuned. . .

Resistence I go to the gym two days a week. I like to keep two full days of rest each week on my running schedule. I add the gym to my lower mileage days. I am still loving low reps and heavy resistance. In my opinion, weight training is essential as we age. For me, weight training is critical to the strength and power I need to run ultra marathons and to train on the trails.

Reading I finished UNBREAKABLE RUNNER. It was a good book, written by T. J. Murphy & Brian Mackenzie. I agreed with Brian’s opinion on eating/diet. I liked that he said several times in different chapters, “. . . this is not the only way. . ..” It was worth reading. It left me with several questions. I hope to dialog with some friends who have read it, soon.

The other book on my night stand is called, CARDIO OR WEIGHTS. This book is by Alex Hutchinson, Ph.D., former physicist, lifelong runner and science journalist. Each chapter is a different topic, like ‘cardio’ or ‘strength training’, full of questions that Alex answers in detail. The copyright was 2011, there is some information in there that is still mainstream and some info that can be debated in today’s fitness world.

I’ve finished six books in six months. Every one of the books, even the one that was NOT running related, WILLPOWER INSTINCT references Tim Noakes and his central governor model. Runners, running coaches,  read LORE OF RUNNING by Tim Noakes. You will learn about the central governor model and why it is a hot topic in running and fitness today. Next up? FOREVER: Why You Can’t Live Without It by Paul David Tripp

Relating I was listening to the song “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. (Good song by the way) It made me a slobbery, crying mess. I started to be sad about everything that means anything to me. Sad that they (the people and things that mean anything to me) do not live up to the EXORBITANT expectations that I have for them. BTW, no one can live up to the expectations that I have for them. No one can live up to the expectations that YOU have for them. After I let myself be sad a bit, I immediately thought these words.

Enjoy these things as they are (not as I expect them to be) They are not meant to be the answer, to satisfy my restless pursuit of joy, happiness. . . They are meant to make me smile and have fun in this life. They are my companions. It is the Promises that I can count on. . . eternity in heaven. . . that are guaranteed. Eternity is going to BLOW my expectations out of the water!

Thoughts on eternity from FOREVER.

Longing for eternity doesn’t mean you are spiritual; it simply means you are human. We were created to live in a perfect world where death didn’t exist and where life would give way to life on into eternity. So we hope much, dream much, imagine much, groan much sorrow much and cry much. I know things often look bleak and chaotic, but remember that this is not all there is. We are all heading for eternity, where all that is broken will be finally and forever fixed.

I really like to read your comments. YOUR thoughts on what I write, you agree? you disagree? I also like to answer questions or even get, from you, and idea on a topic to blog about.

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