Zion 100K prep

So, I am preppin’. Race day is Friday, April 10, 2015. Start time is 6:00 am. 20 hour cutoff time for the 100K. Projected forecast is a low of 44 and a high of 74.  Here’s a peak at my race plan. My goal is to finish. I have never written a race plan. Birth plan? Yes. Race plan? No. Writing a race plan helped to settle my nerves a bit. It also gave me some distance related to possible time(s).

Race Plan

Mile 0-4 Flying Monkey Aid Station (uphill to here) 19:00 pace

Mile 4-10 Flying Monkey AS (down ½, up ½) 18:00 pace

Mile 10-15 Dalton Wash AS (all down hill) I’ll see my crew here. ½ way to ½ way. I’d like to be here at 4.5 hours. Second big climb, after I see my crew.

Mile 15-19 Guacamole AS (uphill) 19:00 pace

Mile 19-26.5 Guacamole AS (flatish)

Mile 26.5-30.5 Dalton Wash AS (downhill)

I’d like to get here in 9 hours (17:42 pace). I’ll see my crew here again.There is a long steep climb at this point. I would like to have eaten well up to this point to tackle this last big climb!

Mile 30.5-35.5 Goosebump AS (steep uphill) 19:00 pace. I’ll see my crew here after that last big climb. I am thinking I might want something savory to eat. Avocado on a tortilla with salt? Maybe, new socks, new shirt?

Mile 35.5-40 Gooseberry Point (uphill) 19:00 pace

Mile 40-41 Gooseberry Point (flat)

Mile 41-47.5 Goosebump AS (downhill) I will see my crew here and pick up my pacer!! I would like to be here in 14 hours. (17:42 pace) So, I would arrive here at 8:00 pm?

Mile 47.5-55 Virgin Desert AS (downhill)

Mile 55-63 Start finish (downhill) estimated finish of 18h 35 min (17:42 pace) Finish at midnight?

**eat every hour or every 4 miles



I have 3 climbs and 11 aid stations in this race. The aid stations are each represented by a dot on the Elevation Profile map, above. I will have a pacer at mile 47. (That is the second to the last dot on the profile map.) She will run me in to the finish. My final climb begins at mile 30.5 (the 6th dot). I will see my crew at this point. My goal is to make it to this point with a strong mind, strong body and a ‘good’ stomach. I’m looking to this point to be a “refresher”. I may put on a new shirt, new socks, something to reinvigorate me for the climb and the finish. It will be good to see my pacer at mile 47!! She is a strong runner with a spunky spirit. She’ll bring me some positive vibes.

Nutrition. . . I have not had any problems with my nutrition during training. I will keep doing what has worked. I will drink Perpetuem, water and tailwind. I plan to drink 4 servings of Perpetuem, over the course of the race. I will have one at the start and then, every 3-4 hours thereafter.  I will eat salted carmel gu, chocolate chip Z bars, tortillas with nutella and the food offered at the aid stations. I will also have endurolytes.

Wearing. . . I will wear a Oiselle tank, and Oiselle Roga shorts. I have Swiftwick socks, tall, medium and short. I will bring all three. I will be wearing my new trail shoes, Pearl Izumi N2s. I have a AK UltimateDirection Vest. I have a Petzl Tikka RXP headlamp for early morning start and late night running.

I have trained consistently. I am confident that my training will get me through this race. I am most looking forward to seeing the stars. 🙂 I have two friends coming with me, who have been my cheerleaders and support through the highs and lows of my training. It will feel like home with them there. God is GOOD! I’m looking forward to this journey.

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