True North

“Keep your compass oriented to true north – true north is a strong guiding force, no hype, no false prophets, no guruism, and no quick fixes – Just straight facts. What is true north? It is quite simple, nothing fancy or especially trendy, it is the basics. It is fundamental movements progressing to more complex movements as the fundamental movement skills are mastered. It is sound training principles guiding the training. It is training connections, rhythm, coordination and movement problem solving ability. Just the basics repeated in as many different iterations as is appropriate for your athletes. Keep it simple and if in doubt make simpler because I have said many times simplicity yields complexity.” –Vern Gambetta

If you have not heard of Vern Gambetta, please follow the link I set up. I love the words that he shares about coaching on his blog. He keeps it simple and apt. Here’s the haps, broken down into easy to bite paragraphs. 🙂

LIFE: I’m at an interesting place in my life right now. Of course STILL loving the 40s, specifically 43 and STILL loving everything related to running. 🙂 Just finding that the busy-ness is also bringing a touch of loneliness. I read a blog entry titled, “Dear Lonely Mom of Older Kids. It put the words to my feelings. I’ve got two kids in plays, two kids in ice skating and two kids in piano. My third comes along for the ride with a content attitude.

RACING: Readers! I just signed up for Zion 100K in Virgin, Utah. This will be my main endeavor this spring. I also signed up for the Dry Creek Trail Marathon, as part of a training check-up for Zion. I have a 50K on the schedule, but I have not decided on a race, yet. 

TRAINING: I’m in week 10/19. Last week was my 3rd week over 61 miles in the past 4 weeks. It really is a lot of running. I think that it seems like a lot of running because I am on the trail for most of my miles over 10. With 60+ miles on the schedule, there are a considerable amount of runs on the trail. This means 3 hours to run 13 trail miles versus 2 hours for 13 road miles, for example. I am sure to be on the trail for at least 4 hours or more twice a week. A few tidbits from the past few days.

Sometimes motivation doesn’t show up until mile 2.-Kay O’Connell

Training is part of the adventure. There’s a lot you can do with 68 miles. Don’t let it become boring.

Today, I practiced ‘bounding’ and running faster. You need to run fast, to run fast. It felt good. I opened my stride. The power to move came from my hips.

Run epically. . .

20 miles on the trail is becoming normal.

TRACK: So we are back at it! We are running the track before the sun barely rises, so that requires a headlamp. Thought I would hate it, but it is okay. As the sun rises, you can ditch the lamp. My absolute fav part? EACH person who joins me on the track. I design the workout and bring the pace and plan. They show up. I am blessed to know these runners. I would not miss Tuesday. They inspire me.

LOVING: Juice Beauty Raspberry facial cleansing milk. They sell this online and at Whole Foods. I am loving the Moringa muscle soak from Thistle Farms. They sell this at Whole Foods too. I treat myself (quite a lot) to Talenti Gelato. Carmel Cookie Crunch is my fav. They sell this at Publix, Kroger and Whole Foods. I’m wearing my Speed Tight II, full-on luxtreme tights from Lululemon, at least 3-4 times a week.  I LOVE the deep side pockets on each leg. I can put my cell or at least 2 gels per side. I’m still wearing my Nike Kiger’s. They fit like a glove.

MY SPIRIT:  One question, “Am I becoming a little less like Liz and a little more like Jesus?” Really going to push into this question, right now. Not sure what “push in” will mean, but I have an idea.

If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world. -C. S. Lewis Mere Christianity

TRUE NORTH: That quote is applicable to every facet of life, every season, every bold, italicized heading I chose. I have to reorient to True North at least once a day. . . nothing fancy, or especially trendy, just the basics. 



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