Ahhh (sigh) Neverland. . . conjures images of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell and Wendy, also Pixie Dust. It is often used as a metaphor for eternal childhood and escapism. There are days, as a runner, I feel vibrant with life and youth. There are also days, mostly the l-o-n-g running days that I do feel like I am ‘escaping’ a bit from the “real world” of my adult responsibilities. 🙂

This week I ran 60 training miles. Hear the whispers? (Neverland) I have been younger. I have been thinner. I have had A LOT less going on in my life. I have never run 60 training miles in a week. This is all to say to you, reader, DO NOT give up on your dreams. This list sums it up for me. It is from an article by Catherine Symbleme, titled, “When you start to pursue Your Dreams, These 13 Things Will Happen”.  I chose some of the richest points!

  •  You’ll step out of your comfort zone. Way out. Then, you’ll find out that comfort is overrated, anyway. 
  •  You’ll get scared. Then you’ll survive, and it will be impossible for the same things to ever scare you as much again.
  •  Sometimes you’ll be uncertain.
  •  You won’t be able to please everyone. 
  •  You’ll start meeting other people who chose to pursue their dreams too. There are lots of cool people out there on the ragged edge. This is where the creators are. This is where the children are. This is where the visionaries are. 
  •  You’ll learn to trust that your basic needs will always be met. 
  •  You’ll wonder why you waited so long. You’ll have a burning desire to contribute to the world, to uplift everyone on the planet through what you do, because you love it so much!!

It is no secret that I am loving the 40s. I’m not exactly sure why. I think it is knowing what I am made for. I was made to glorify God and serve Him forever. I am learning to be at a place of confidence. Confidence in who He has made me, not in what I can do. I am learning to love myself where I am at because I will change. I am learning to surround myself with friends who are encouraging and honest. I am learning to surround myself less with friends who want to compare and gossip.

I’m not sure that I even look back at the previous years and ask myself, “what if?”, because I believe that if I am walking with God, attempting, in my feeble,  state to follow Him and do His will, that there are no regrets. It is always ‘His Way’. I can ditch the safety net of “Plan B”. I am on course for “Plan A”.

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