Minutes With The Master

At some point you have to stop making a comeback and start running toward who you are meant to be next. -Lauren Fleshman (pro runner with Oiselle and cofounder of Picky Bars)

Learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.-Jim Rohn (American Entrepreneur and motivational speaker)

Average is the norm for a reason. Being exceptional demands extra effort, sustained inspiration and uncommon discipline. when we attempt to give flight to our dreams, we have to overcome the weight of opposition. Like gravity, life’s circumstances constantly pull on our dreams, tugging us down to mediocrity. -John C. Maxwell (American author, speaker and pastor)

Self image. Ladies-no matter the distance, 5K or 50K. . . no matter the pace, 4:59 min/mile or 14:59 min/mile. . . we share the same lies–“I’m too slow”, “I’m too fat”, “I’d be better if. . . “Challenge the lies today. -Liz McClain (42, mom of 3, wife of one, ultra runner, coach, volunteer, counsellor, cook, maid, teacher, nurse, neighbor, daughter of the KING, friend, sister. . . )

These 4 quotes have been the focus of my thoughts for the past month. Thoughts that have been scattered, busy, fuzzy, focused at times and consumed, usually by the most demanding stressor at any given minute. How things have changed for me as the years have passed. I spent my 20s wandering/searching in the broad definition of those words. I spent my 30s becoming a mother to one, two and three. Wow! That took me by surprise. It became EVERYTHING I wanted and the toughest job assignment that I had ever been given. Now, I am in the 40s. I am living my dreams. The stress is still there and it is constant. It is dynamic. It is intense at times! I love this age.

I have been reading about “Master’s Running” because that is me, at 42, a “Master”-HA! (a Master). I truly LOVE it. I want to fine tune it. . . start running toward who you are meant to be. So, I read many an article about long runs, track work, stretching, weight training, eating, sleeping, clothing. It is ALL on the web. There are an exhaustive amount of resources. Then, I realized that my general mantra when it comes to running in my 40s is KISS (keep it simple stupid).

So what does it come down to for me? The 4 R’s, in no particular order: rest, resistance, run, relationships.

  • Rest: nap, recover days, easy days, days where I am reading a book or magazine with my feet up. “Nap” is my go to. I need this for the stress I, physically, put my body through. I need this for the emotional stress I absorb, daily.
  • Resistance: weight training. I like to spend 1-2 days in the gym, focusing on lifting heavy weight/doing low reps. I like to do this after a run. This keeps my muscles, tendons, ligaments and MIND strong.
  • Run: I am a runner. I want to run. I love to run. I race. So. . . I MUST run. I run long days. I run fast days. I run easy days. I run alone. I run with friends. I run.
  • Relationships: This one is a biggee. I cannot communicate as well as I would like to how much my husband and close friends mean to me. They are critical to my mind. They are critical to my life.

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