Ambition is not apathy, pessimism, inactivity.

“Gratitude is a deep and abiding conviction that God’s in control. Don’t thank Him for evil, abuse, cancer, injury, death, poverty, etc. Thank Him for being in control.” (Ephesians 5:20, ‘always giving thanks to God, the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.’)-Lloyd Shadrach, pastor Fellowship Bible Church

The ‘lately’s’:

Instagram-This is fun. I love to see my life and other people’s lives in pictures.

Trail-I’ve been running the same route for a couple weeks now. I have been challenging my usual, comfortable pace by catching my breath on the downhills, running a bit harder on the downhills, and walking the first half of the major hills/running the second half of the major hills.

Gym-I am experimenting with changing up my strength routine. I read an article by Steve Magness, author of The Science of Running (a book that I just bought). He makes an interesting argument about strength training. He suggests runners do enough endurance training on the road, track and trail. So, why go to the gym and do more ‘endurance’ training with high reps/low weights? My new experiment is to continue my basic routine, lower my reps to 4-6 and increase my weight. So far? I love it. Also, I’m working on doing pull-ups. 🙂

Track-I’m back on the track, every Tuesday. It provides me with a very measurable task each week. I am in competition out there only with myself.


desire, longing, craving, striving, spirit, enthusiasm

I think we all have dreams. Once you begin the journey, you will experience so much. Dreams get refined. It is the process of pursuing what you think you want that you find your passion. The risks you take, now, in pursuit, will eventually be the norm of your life.

Pursuing your dreams does not mean neglecting your responsibilities. I believe that in the process of going after your dreams, that your responsibilities will help to keep you grounded, keep you dependent on a strength greater than yours (for me? Jesus).   Your responsibilities become less consuming, less exhausting.

Pursuing dreams is not a solitary endeavor.

It’s a matter of will, that continual leap of faith you make when your spirit is bruised.-Max Lucado Peace that Defies Pain.

In pursuit, you have to use discernment, trust what someone sees in you, and do not listen to everyone. Here is a great quote from my FB account to my friend Kathy. . . “Um. . . Did we decide to run 100-miler in 2015?” It’s a dream. It’s an ambition. It will require planning. It will require training. It will require investment.

Am I planning on a 100-miler in 2015? I’m not completely sure. The good news is that I do not have to decide now. I have time to do some research on training plans and races. I have time to think about the logistics and read the stories of persons who have run 100 miles.

One of the most encouraging statements came from my husband of 16 years, Byron. I texted him my thoughts. At first, he questioned my ambition, in a necessary way, in a wise way. Then, he had 2 words, “you will.” WOW! That is all that I needed to hear. He was not worried about my sanity. He was not worried about my choice of races. He knows my passion. He is helping me to live out my dreams. He is one of the biggest champions that I have! Whether I race 100 miles next year or not, he will be my champion. Use discernment: trust what someone sees in you, and do not listen to everyone!

Back to the start. . . it is truly out of a heart of gratitude that I run. I could not race the distance I do without the strength that comes from Jesus. Prayer is crucial to the steps I take each day, running, being a mom, being a friend, being a wife. I have believed in Jesus for as long as I remember. BUT, it was not until the quote from Lloyd that I understood what it meant to ‘give thanks in all things’ (because He is in control). There is such a difference in prayer, when we ask for things, knowing that He is in control, regardless of His answer.

Pursue your dreams



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