Training partners are sacred

Still, training partners are sacred. In 17 years of competitive running, I’ve only found two good ones.

-Jenn Shelton in her article, “Lessons from a 200-Mile Week”, Trail Runner Mag

This is one of the most meaningful quotes that I have read in a while. This article is also very funny to me, worth a read. Gosh. Why are my training partners sacred? Because they spend time with me. These women are some of the most beautiful, some of the most insightful. We spend hours each week on the road, on the trail. The hours we spend are when our kids are asleep or our kids are in school. I cannot remember a run that I regretted or a run that did not energize me.

I have talked through some serious struggles of my life, eating disorders, family stuff, kid stuff, married stuff, MY issues. I put it all out there. I have also laughed so hard. Hmm. . . I think in a way we found each other but I also think, in a way, I chose these women. I continue to choose these women. Our group may change. We train for different races. We run together at different times. Part of me wants to invite anyone interested in running to be a part of this ‘core’. BUT, then, they would not be sacred.




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