50 miler: The After

So, it has been approximately 27 days, since my 50 mile race. Really, Who’s counting?! ME! Who’s dying to do another?! ME!!

The Monday following the race was my most sore, most tight muscle day. My biggest trouble zone was my left piriformis. After a few days of the pigeon pose, I was good. After Monday, I was scouring the Internet for ANOTHER 50-miler. I cannot believe that I was so intent on another. The good news is there was not another one so close, because it was my adrenaline talking. I DO want to run another 50, but my endocrine system needs to get back to normal, after the training and racing.

The first week after: I took off for 2 solid days after my race. I focused on resting, napping, drinking plenty of water and eating well. For the rest of that week, I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike and did only upper body free weights, every other day.

The second week after: I ran a total of 35.7 miles (long run was 13.2 on the trail). I went to the gym 4 days, and I still only did upper body weights. I rode the stationary bike for 2 of those 4 gym days.

The third week after: I ran a total of 38.5 miles (long run was 13.2 on the trail). Went to the gym twice and went back to my old leg routine. Oh, and I signed up for a trail marathon!

The fourth week: TAPER!! My total mileage this week before my marathon on Saturday was 14.5. I went to the gym only one day. Part of mile running miles this week were on the track. I missed it. I ran 3 x 1 mile repeats (7:48, 7:58, 7:58).

I will be running the Scenic City Marathon in Chattanooga put on by Rock/Creek. We will be running on Raccoon Mountain in Chatty. I think the thing that I like about the Rock/Creek races is that they usually have plenty of aid stations!! This will be nice because I will be testing out my new handheld water bottle. I bought an amphipod hydraform handheld, in 16 oz.  I think I will also bring my fuel belt, just in case. In case Todd Lee is reading this, I will be wearing my new Oiselle Winona tank. Girls!! This is so soft. Worth giving it a try. Oiselle describes it with a “micro cashmere feel”. I agree. I am also wearing my new favorite shorts by Oiselle. Their “roga” shorts. For the first time too, my new Nike Kiger’s. Trail runners need to check these out. I ditched my Hoka’s after a few months of wear. I’m planning on relying heavily on Scenic City’s aid station fare, less for me to carry. 🙂

Okay, you know to look for my race recap. 🙂 I cannot wait to tell you how the Kiger’s do and how I like my handheld. I love to answer questions and I love to read your comments! Have a great weekend runners and racers: Caitlin, Jeremy, Jennifer, Todd, Kay, Stacie, Amy, Ryan, Judith, Reuben, me, to name several.


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