Ready to Run: Black Warrior 50K

I will be running on Valentine’s Day and loving every minute. (Thank you to my Valentine, Byron, for giving me the time to pursue running.) This is week eighteen of a twenty-four week training cycle. This 50K (thirty-one miles, sometimes more, you just never know really) is part of the larger picture as I ultimately run 50 miles in March. In seventeen weeks, I have ran approximately 724 miles, that averages out to about 42 miles a week. My lowest mileage week was week one at thirty-four miles. My highest mileage week was sixteen at fifty-one miles.  WOW! When I look at the numbers and then begin to think about the time I have put in, it is a lot for this runner who ‘moonlights’ as a stay-at-home mom. 🙂

This is my fifth trail race. I’ve run two marathons on the trail and two 50K’s on the trail. This will be my third 50K. I really like this distance. This may become my favorite, with marathons a close second. This time around, I followed a plan from Relentless Forward Progress. This plan measured each run by distance and not by time. For each trail race prior, I ran by time and not by distance. This was VERY tough in the beginning. It took a month to get used to. I have never run so many 40 mile weeks. I also chose to maintain my strength training, even on those peak weeks!! I hit the weight room twice a week, consistently. I am glad I did, but my body went through a serious adjustment.

So the question is run or race on Saturday? I do not know yet. What I do know is the first 2.5 miles is on the road and the last 2.6 miles is on the road. I want to run these, like I am running on the road. I am not going to go slow. The other thing I know for sure is that this race has 6-8 creek crossings. There is nothing special to do for these, just run!! Each aid station will be approximately 5-6 miles apart. When I am fresh, this will take an hour to reach. If I am tired, these aid stations could take 1 1/2 hours to reach. So, I need to make sure I am drinking well and planning my drinking so that I have enough to drink between each aid station. The unknown about this race is the elevation and the climbs. I will visit these ‘fresh’ on race day. Because this is part of my training cycle, I could just ‘run’, but who knows?! It might be a perfect day for a ‘race’!!

Here is what I am wearing: my new Oiselle ‘go joggings‘, my lululemon arm sleeves, my Ultra Dirt Bags Shirt  (‘natch), my compression socks and my new Hoka Kailua Trail shoes. I will wear my Ultimate Direction vest to carry my drinks and food.

Here is what I am bringing to eat/drink: I will be drinking water, Perpetuem, Power Ade. I will be eating Salted Caramel GU (so good), Hammer raspberry gel and Hammer apple cinnamon gel. I will consume one gel an hour. I will also bring two peanut butter ‘think thin’ bars. I will drink Power Ade and water in the beginning and switch to Perpetuem from middle to end. I will eat something at each aid station, about every 5-6 miles. They usually serve peanut m & m’s, gummy bears, chips, soda, sport’s drink, pretzels, peanut butter & jelly and sometimes salted potatoes.

Some miscellaneous items that I will carry? I will have endurolytes tablets and take one every hour. I will bring Ibuprofen, benadryl, chapstick and toilet paper. I will also have my shuffle and headphones. 🙂

Stay tuned for a race recap. . .

4 thoughts on “Ready to Run: Black Warrior 50K

  1. KayO

    You are more than ready to have a great run! You have been smooth and steady on your trail, road, and strength training in all kinds of crazy weather, and now you get to enjoy the payoff. Think what each one of those sessions did to get you to Feb. 15th! I am looking forward to hearing about those creek crossings and all the rest of the adventures that this trail brings!

    1. ooartist1234 Post author

      It is good for these times to wind down. This has been a good training cycle. Kind of odd in a way because I have done more running and more strength training. Maybe, there will be a rope swing across the creek. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!


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