Random and Related

Sometimes, blogging for me is a place to log thoughts that are repeated in different ways in my head. It gives me a place to go back to when I need to encourage myself or remind myself. This week in TN we have had more cold, cold air. This is also my ‘down’ week for training. I am taking advantage of both. I have had more time to think. Here are three random quotes that are related somehow in my head. They are meant-ful (Full of meaning and meant for me and you.)

1. This first quote is from a great article in the most current issue of Runner’s World Magazine. I love this quote because it’s scary in the dark. AND, sometimes, you only have the ‘demons’ to remind you ‘why in the world’ you are running a race, with a headlamp in the first place.

In some ways, I do need pain and I look forward to it. I love those long, dark nights alone in the middle of nowhere racing with a headlamp–having only my demons to spur me on. There’s growth in discomfort, and that is why I like “ultra” anything SO MUCH. -Meredith (Chiles) Dolhare from Runner’s World February 2014 **

**oddly enough, the article is titled, ONE TOUGH MOTHER. This is kind of a shout out to my running group, FMR (Fast Mother Runners)

2. This second quote is from a song, titled STARS. It is from SoCal (Southern California) band called Switchfoot. They are surfers. They write some good music. Lately, with the cold. I have been missing my ‘roots’. I’m a native of SoCal. There are times I miss it a lot. Jus’ been missing it lately. . . .

Suddenly, the infinite and penitent begin to look like home. -Switchfoot from their song STARS

3. This third quote is a deep one. This is about life. This is about ‘faith walking’, ‘pressing in’, ‘confessing’. I am challenged by this. GREATLY challenged. Do I believe it? I want to believe it without any doubt in my mind that part of me has to do something to earn this truth. Guys, this is tough stuff. The perspective of this quote in Jesus talking to me, talking to you.

We’ll work through this. I’m not letting you go in the meantime. Oh. . . , we’ll get there. I’ll finish it. I started it. I’ll be faithful to finish. Don’t give up! Keep walking!! Keep PRESSING IN!! Keep confessing! But, don’t give up. I’ll heal you. I won’t let you go. There is no one who can condemn you. I don’t. And, if I don’t, no one can. Who will even bring a charge against you? YOU ARE MINE! What court could they possibly charge you in? Everything’s mine! -Matt Chandler (Pastor at the Village Church)

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