Looking Ahead, Current Workouts and Observations

Current stats: Still 42 years old 🙂 155 lbs.

Upcoming races: Black Warrior 50K on February 15th and Lake Martin 50 mile on March 29th. I am on week 15 of a 24 week training plan.

Workouts as a glance: last week 5-5-9-24-5 (33 trail miles), this week 5-7-18-10-7 (23 trail miles) next week 6-4-6-14-10 (24 trail miles)

Weight Room: (2 times a week) squats, dead lifts, push ups, plie squats, lat pulldowns, tricep press, core work, stretching!


1. Work Hard!! Work hard at running easy on easy days. Push on the hard days and prepare for the run by eating well, sleeping well. Work hard to REST hard on the rest days. For me this means, taking a nap, reading, knitting, writing, putting my legs up every chance I get. On rest days I also remember to drink plenty of water and eat a variety of good food.

In my opinion, you cannot buy your way to the body you want and no one can sell the product that is going to give you the body you want. It takes a commitment of hard work, easy days and rest days.

2. Lately, I have been running A LOT, for me. I ran an easy 10 miler (1h 40 min) this week the day after I ran a very, mentally difficult 18 miler on the trail (4h 1min). I thought to myself, I’m at a place where the 10 miles I just ran had nothing to do with what I ate last night, or what I will eat for lunch, or what I’ll eat for dinner or whether or not I’ll eat ice cream later. This was a small victory for me. I took time to reflect on that the rest of the day.

3. There is no just or only. . . check out this quote and click on the link provided for the full quote. It is worth copying and hanging up, as a reminder to lose the just and only.

You’ve never heard Usain Bolt saying he only runs 100 meters. And with good reason. Every single run, no matter how far, has its own unique challenges. The shorter the run, the harder you push. Next time you run, don’t fall into the ‘just’ or ‘only’ trap. There’s plenty of people who’d be over the moon to be doing what you are doing. You should be one of them.-There’s no ‘Just’ or ‘Only’ 

4. Geoff Roes’ article in irunfar on Nutrition. Here is a small quote from his article. It is totally worth, following the link and reading the full article on Nutrition.

To some degree, I think there is a time and a place for all foods in our diets. Sure, I can agree that kale has more nutritional value, than a donut, but sometimes there is more to what makes a food ‘good’ and what makes a food ‘bad’ than simply nutritional value.

Essentially what I’m driving at here is that I think there is a lot more to our overall health and well being than what foods we eat or don’t eat. Our lifestyle, our non-dietary habits, and so many other factors contribute so much to our overall health, and in many cases these things can have a more significant impact on our health than the foods we consume in those moments.-Geoff Roes, “Nutrition”

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