On Your Own

So this week, I taught my son how to ride his bike without training wheels. It really did not take him long at all. We went up and down the street a few times with me running beside him. He did not flinch. He kept his composure. HE DID IT!! A couple of hours later, he came to me and asked, “Can I do it on my own now?”

I told him yes and off he went. He was not afraid. He rode farther than he did earlier. He rode with more confidence. He would lean to the side, and I would set out on a sprint. He leaned to the other side. He got IT.

Couple of things to derive from his question.

1. He asked the question of someone he trusted.

2. He asked someone who is always ready to believe the best and offer a “fist pump”

3. He did not ask himself.

So, personal note to you. . . you can do it on your own.

Boy, what a running year this has been. Looking back to March, I suffered a DNF. Looking forward to October, I am setting my eyes on 39 miles. It really is all the in between that has made me a stronger runner. I have learned that when I need some mental oomph, I need to seek out those persons I trust. I have several people who believe in me and who are always ready to give me a high five. Finally, my mind, at times,  is challenged by my fear, my anxiety and my pain. I am learning that I do not have to believe all that is in my head. I can challenge my thoughts and see where it gets me.

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