Have I got the workout(s) for YOU!

“More often than not, we are truly doing well, but we think that we’re not. It is important that we preserve our sense of well-being and not become so critical of ourselves. Do what you must to maintain your enjoyment of running. Take a day off; take two days off. Focus on completing your ultimate goal by finishing that race or next training run. It’s important to find a balance between your motivations and be able to dance back and forth between them when appropriate. Preserve, protect and understand your fundamental reasons for doing what you’re doing, but also strive to succeed and impress. Understand that a bad day does not make a bad week. Sometimes simply lacing up your shoes is a victory.” -Stan Beecham from “Maintaining Your Mind Motor” an article by Ian Torrence.

“You grow by taking on challenges that a life of running provides. Once you make this point a creed by which you live, your running becomes an adventure and not a constant effort to avoid problems. The whole of life consists of moving forward by accepting greater and greater challenges. With the right attitude all challenges are an opportunity to learn and progress, even if you feel you are not always succeeding. You still grow by the lessons you learn.” -Bobby McGee, MAGICAL RUNNING

I love both of these quotes. I did not realize how intentional I knew to make them. Let me tell you about a fun, workout I suggest you try. Last week, my running partner and I were climbing the walls because of the “July 3rd, 4th and 5th rain showers.” We had to get out as soon as the rain broke or we would go stir crazy. So, I decided we were going to have the BEST workout possible. Finally, the rain stopped for a couple hours about 2:00 pm on July 6th. It was hot, but we were determined to sweat it out. She did not know what she was in for. She usually doesn’t know what she is in for when I say things like. . . “I have a new route” or “Let’s do a hill workout; it’s short” or “This is going to be the best workout of our week!” I tell you what, she is a great sport (and athlete) and pretty much trusts me. 🙂 Thanks, AMY!

First Workout:

We ran our warm-up for 2.25 miles to the park. At the park, there is a mile loop. We broke the mile into 4 intervals. We did 3 laps of the following intervals. For our first quarter mile, we walked. (GLOR-I-OUS!) If you know me well, then, you know that I used to “pooh-pooh” walking. Now, I understand that walking is good because it gives you a brief rest, does NOT show weakness and helps to keep your temperature down in the summer. Our second quarter mile was a run at 10K pace. Our third quarter mile was a recovery jog. For our final interval, we ran our 10K pace for a quarter mile. Our park is not flat. The two sections that we did our 10K pace run were both on inclines. It was a great workout, even with the walking interval! Once we finished our intervals, we ran 2.25 miles home. You can mimic this workout at any park, track or even a large parking lot on a Saturday or Sunday morning. The time went by fast, and the intervals kept your mind engaged. Try it!

Second workout:

This one is more simple that the first one and WAY more challenging!! Last week, one of my newest running partners texted to see if I wanted to run in the morning. Of course, I said, “yes!” She wanted to do a simple, 4 or 5 miler. Sounds basic, right? First, I must tell you what was going through my mind as I lay my head down to sleep. I also must tell you that this runner’s slow pace is fast!! It was Friday. Which means, Amy was not coming. That left me with a dilemma because I would have no one along to slow the pace down. Usually on group runs, it is the “majority rule” as far as pace goes. Bottom line, I would have to run faster than usual. So my prayer as I climbed out of bed and walked out the door was, “Jesus, let me keep my feet moving fast and do not let me complain to slow us down.”

I huffed and puffed my way through that 4-miler. Our average pace was 8:49. Our fastest mile was 8:25. For my dear, Kay? This is not unusual. For me? THRILLED. I needed this workout. I needed her company. I needed the boost I got from hanging in with her. I needed the boost I got from clocking, 8:25. This was a great workout. I encourage you to push yourself. Join a partner who is steps above you. You will be challenged to progress. I was invigorated. 

1 thought on “Have I got the workout(s) for YOU!

  1. Amy

    It was one of my favorite workouts ever. It wouldn’t have been possible without you there, cheering me on. Loved it!


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