Getting my game face on!

Race day is fast approaching. I am ready. I do not have nervous butterflies, because I know this now. The nervousness of race day is interrupted by the nervousness of making sure I transport everything that I could possibly need to another state to race. So, today, Monday, I make my list.

This will be the second time that I wear my Ultimate Direction AK hydration vest. Surprisingly, you can stuff a lot of necessities into this light vest. There are zipper pockets, velcro pockets, water bottle holders, and a large pouch to stuff anything that does not fit in the previously mentioned spots. I try not to get carried away with all the room I have to stuff. 🙂

For the first 4-5 hours, I will eat every 45-60 minutes. After the 4-5 hour mark, I may consume food every 35-45 minutes. My last 50K took me 7 hours and 40 minutes. I will plan to have enough food for that amount of time. So, at least 4 bars, 4 gels and two peanut butter and nutella 1/2 sandwiches. I will start drinking Perpetuem in the orange/vanilla flavor and will alternate with water, when the Perpetuem is finished.  I will eat Roctane energy gel in chocolate raspberry flavor. I like this because it tastes like chocolate ice cream topping to me, and it has 35 mg of caffeine, roughly equivalent to one can of coke. I will start eating a bar or 1/2 sandwich and alternate each 45-60 minutes with a gel. Toward the end, the soft sandwich and the fudge consistency of the gel are easier to eat, while I am walking/running. In addition to this nutrition plan, I plan on consuming either hammer endurolytes or saltstick capsules each hour.

Lululemon will be my clothing of choice, groovy run shorts in black, arm sleeves in black and grey, free to be bra and my swiftly tech racerback shirt. I am wearing Swiftwick compression socks in black with pink sport’s stripes at the calf. I am also bringing my Swiftwick pink compression socks for a dry sock change at mile 20, if I need it. Oh. . . AND. . . my Montrail bajadas.

I’m not really “worried” about the race. I know I will have the right amount of nutrition, the right clothes for the weather outlook, a drop bag at mile 20 filled with dry clothes and extra food. Really, with all that planning, I can run for at least 12 hours. 🙂

I do not have a goal. I am excited to be in the woods, uninterrupted for at least 7 hours. We start at 6:30 am, which means that I will finish sometime after 1:00. So, think about me, while you are eating breakfast, and think about me while you are eating lunch. If you happen to walk or run through stream or two of mud, think of me then too!

1 thought on “Getting my game face on!

  1. Amy

    You are so prepared!! I will be thinking about you running while I am sending 45 students out into the real world post graduation. Good luck and send us a picture of yourself in your cute Lulu outfits!


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