Living WITH a ‘Runner Past 40’

I interrupt my thoughtful, sometimes deep posts to send some fun quotes about LIVING WITH ‘a Runner Past 40’. . . 

I love my husband. He is hilarious. This morning he told me that he was going to start his own blog to counter mine, titled, Living with A Runner Past 40. He told me that his first blog post would be titled, I Never Get A Chance To Run. The funniest part about this is that it is completely true. His runs are jammed into the weekend at the spur of the moment. His running life is like Ragnar Relay every weekend. I just let him know when it is his time to run, and he gets out of the van house to run.

I thought if my husband is this amusingly observant about my running, then, my running partner’s husbands would have equally mordant quotes,  regarding their “running past 40” wife. These are great!

“Running takes up more time than golf, but I still don’t get credit because golf is ‘fun,’ running is work!” -Nick

“Heather has shown that if you put your mind and heart into something, you can achieve great success. She was never an avid runner until 6 months ago and now she is getting ready to do her 1st half marathon next month!” -Andy

I thought of three things. Later that day, Kristin
and I went for a trail run. The funny thing is, within the first three
minutes she said the first thing that came to mind with her, “My booty
hurts”. That is the most common complaint I hear from her. That being
said, I think older runners tend to have a lot of the same issues,
speed of recovery and more aches than the the young bucks. Like Byron
said, when you have an older spouse who is an obsesive runner, you as
the husband never seem to have time to run for yourself. It is also a
guarantee that as soon as I start to fall asleep at night, I will hear
“rub my feet”. Which of course I do!!! -Sloan


“Years ago, she said she wanted to run one marathon, since anything beyond that would not be good for her body.  She seems to have changed her mind.” -William

My short quote would be “I thought running was simpler than this”. But here is the long version.

When we talked to our son about running Cross Country we sold him on the facts that is was cheap (just need running shoes) and something you can do by yourself all your life. When my wife started running, it hasn’t quite been that way. Running seems to be simple – like the scene in Forrest Gump where he was sitting on the front porch and just feels like running so he gets up and runs literally across the country. Well my wife is either running, reading about running, making running spreadsheets, talking/texting about running, uploading running data from her Garmin watch, bringing home running goo/gummies/pellets/potions, texting some more about running, or last but absolutely certainly not least – buying running clothes/accessories (Lululemon named a wing of their store after her -something related to the compression pants section). She actually dislikes running by herself preferring to chat with others. She has luckily hooked up with groups of supportive and caring runners who have motivated and helped her improve through the past months. The only down side to that is… more running, reading about running, making….well as Forrest Gump said, “That’s all I got to say about that.” –Matt

In regards to being supportive of running wife, I offer that whether she is running past 40, to 40, from something, or to something…it only matters that she is running as it can only be good for her health, her mind, and our relationship (when she is done running of course)…did I mention I am learning patience and other skills not used until running.
“It is a lifestyle and a lover…I hope she comes home soon”-Bruce

2 thoughts on “Living WITH a ‘Runner Past 40’

  1. Lissa

    I guess either they never get the chance to run or if you don’t have kids you force your husband to run with you. Haha 🙂

    1. ooartist1234 Post author

      Absolutely, have your husband run with you. It is good for them. 🙂 I am attempting to challenge Byron to run a full marathon. 🙂 We will see if I can work my voodoo. What would our husbands be without us?


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