Seasoned with Testosterone

I’m an average 41 year old woman. Here’s my stats: 5’10”, 153lbs on a good day and 159lbs on a bad day. This is not to invoke compliments or pity. This is me saying I am completely happy to be 41, a woman, and 159 lbs. I would not change a thing, and I will not listen to the voices anymore or look at the magazines anymore that tell me there is something wrong with my body. My question is how does the average woman train above average? Read on!

I keep a journal of my running. I track my days, my miles, my pace, my gym days, my rest days. You get the picture. I have tried a few different things to prepare myself for this trail marathon. I think my biggest change was variety. I had gym days, 2-a-days, track workouts, trail runs, road runs and hill runs. I sat down yesterday and looked it over. This training cycle, I logged two 66 mile weeks. That is the most that I have done to date. (Knock on wood!) I have been healthier this go around and uninjured.

Race day is approaching, FAST! I run 26.2 trail miles in Savage Gulf on Saturday. The weather will be a low of 50 and a high of 67? I bit warm, but I will take it. 🙂 What am I wearing? Glad you asked! I do have an outfit chosen. For trail running/racing, I prefer my basic Nike shorts. I do not like the Nikes for a road race or run, but they are the best for trails. They are black with pink highlights. I’ll be wearing my new bold green lululemon tank, ‘natch! (pronounced like hatch, short for naturally.) I’ll have on my swiftwick compression socks. They are black with two pink stripes. I’ll have on my Montrails. Finally, I will be sporting my brand new  AK Ultimate Direction Hydration Vest.

Here’s what is on the menu. I will bring 2 kind bars, 4 gels, 2 packets of Perpetuem, fig bars and endurolytes. There will also be food at every aid station. They serve m & m’s, chips, gummy bears, coca-cola and cooked potatoes, dipped in salt. This race has an aid station approximately  every 6.5 miles. My new hydration vest will fit all this stuff. I will also bring extra socks, a visor, extra shirt and cell phone. Let the adventure begin.

My hormones are at it again. This time, I am taking advantage of the surge of testosterone. I tell you what, I know this is my taper week, but I have had some great runs. I ran a hilly run on Tuesday, and it seemed effortless. Today was my last trail run, no walking on the trail. I think it is that my body is seasoned with Testosterone right now. Things don’t seem so hard, and there is this fire inside. I am not restless on this taper. I am enjoying the rest. I just have this surge of ‘power’.

I plan on sitting down in the next day or so and write out my ideal race plan. From start to finish, what I dream to be the optimal race. I will write out each part of the race, beginning, middle and end. I will write down how I feel at each moment. Then, I will sit down and write out how I will respond to situations that arise that I have no control over, like the weather or trail conditions. Last, I will practice my positive affirmations. These phrases I will rehearse and then, recall on the trail.

3 thoughts on “Seasoned with Testosterone

  1. KayO

    All systems GO! for Savage Gulf! You could not be more ready to face this challenge, and I am proud to know one of the 15 women who is competing!

    I am intrigued about planning your responses to situations beyond your control. I had not thought about that before – what a great idea.

  2. runningchinamom

    Great ideas Liz! You are inspiring me to really improve my nutrition ( not what I eat but WHEN I eat it!). The idea of writing everything down is a great one….I think about a run the night before, especially track, but that is a bout my limit.
    Love the happiness, the power and freedom that brings, and love that you share.. I know Savage Gulf will be delighted to see you tomorrow! Kick some butt!


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