7 Things I love about Running

It is no secret that I love running. Here are a seven reasons why.

1. Free Therapy. I have several longtime, wise women that I run with. I get free therapy for HOURS during marathon & ultra-marathon training.

2. The clothes. I have outfits for every season, every weather condition, night running and early morning running, overnight running.

3. The hills. I LOVE running hills. I will take a hill any day versus a flat run. I think the hills are part of the reason why I am learning to love my hips and thighs and part of the reason why I cannot get enough of the trail running scene.

4. The track. My track intervals have completely changed my pace after 11 years of running. Last year, I added track workouts to my marathon training for the first time in my running career. I improved my marathon time by 20 minutes.

5. The trails. Getting off the road and on the trail has been one of the best things that I have tried in the past year. The trail offers softer ground, less boredom, peaceful/car-less surroundings, hours of training time.

6. Being a Master’s Runner. Let the competition begin! There are more opportunities to “compete” as a Master, and I want to be competitive!

7. Starting out in the dark and watching the sunrise.

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