What I’m loving now. . .

Being in my 40s. I am finally a Master’s Runner! I LOVE being in my 40s. I love running in my 40s. I am in the best shape of my life. I am going to cruise into my 50s with a huge smile on my face and MANY miles run.

Trails! I could go for hours on a trail run. My goal this year is to finish a 50-miler. My job, now, is to stay healthy and be patient. Trail running is therapeutic. Trail running is easier on my body. Trails have some fantastic hills that get me to some fantastic views. The trail running ‘crowd’ is really laid back, more laid back than the road runners and the road runners are pretty laid back too. The races are smaller and tougher.

Hills! I love to run hills, hill repeats, mile long, you name it. Hills have given me a love for my hips and thighs. God gave me a body with ample hips and thighs. I could not make it up a hill without them.

My Lululemon Runder Unders. These are the warmest and softest pants for my winter running. Lately, I have been running in 20-30 degree weather. My legs stay warm and are not red and raw from the cold. You cannot go wrong with this purchase. Get them at Lululemon
or search for some on ebay.

My Montrail Badrock out dry trail shoes. I have tried several pairs of Salomon trail shoes in different sizes, in different styles. . . to no avail. Montrail’s fit my feet well. For the winter trails, I chose an out dry shoe (mostly water proof). I have been very satisfied. The Badrock is a stability shoe with some serious lugs on the bottom. I run on some technical trails, lots of rocks and roots. My feet feel comfortable and dry.

My Brooks Ghost 5 road shoes. I have worn Mizuno’s for about 8 years. I have tried the Brook’s Glycerin 8, but I did not like them. Then, I bought the Ghost 5! I love this shoe. It feels lighter and softer than my favorite Mizuno’s. My “go-to” Mizuno’s were the Creation and the Enigma. Just bought my second pair of Ghost 5’s, pink this time.

Almonds. Lately, I am putting these on my lunch salad. I have been eating them with some dark chocolate chips for snacks.

Avocados. I try to have at least 2 a week, if possible, in salad and on sandwiches.

My friends. I will need to dedicate a post to my friends, soon. I cannot say enough about them in this intro post. Stay tuned. . . friends.

Magical Running, by Bobby McGee. This book has really changed my mind. I intended to read this and to make some mental gains for a marathon. Well, this book is much more than marathon preparation. It has taught me of the power of the mind and the power of positive affirmation. We affirm ourselves every hour, both positively and negatively. There is much power in positive affirmation. The more positive you put into your mind, the less room there is for the negative. Check this book out.

My Swiftwick compression socks. I wish I would have known about these a long time ago. They are great and add a touch of ‘sass’ to my skirt or shorts.

Strength training. My gym workout includes, squats, single leg dead lifts, tricep press, push-ups, biceps curls, lat pulldowns, planks and stretching.

14 thoughts on “What I’m loving now. . .

    1. ooartist1234 Post author

      Thank you. I want to create a place where, specifically, women over 40 can know and achieve their running dreams. I battle with self image on a bad day. I am learning to love who I am. It is a day to day process. I want to encourage and inspire.

    1. ooartist1234 Post author

      Thanks. I still ‘idolize’ yours. You must have a good-sized following. I’m just trying to keep up with you. Can’t wait to hear the “cliff notes” to the blogger conference.

  1. Michelle

    I love this Liz! And you were so convincing–I just bought a pair of Luluemon Runder Unders! I have never been happy with my winter running tights/pants, so I am excited to try these (after I get better). Tell me more about the compression socks. I have looked into buying those before but haven’t yet. Can you notice a difference in circulation or do they just keep you warm and stylish?

    1. ooartist1234 Post author

      I am excited that you bought the ‘Runders’. I just purchased my second pair, because I have worn the first pair almost every day. You will not be disappointed. I think you would like the socks too. Even if you do not wear them to run in, you would like them to wear after a long or unusually tough leg workout.

      Thanks for reading. I cannot wait to write more.

  2. KayO

    You are amazing, Liz! Not only to accomplish what you have with running, but also to share your feelings and inspiration and time so generously with others. I’ll be your number one blog fan!

    1. ooartist1234 Post author

      Au contraire mon ami! I am lucky to be a part of your life. 🙂 You, my friend, are inspiring. I was just talking about you today. Running is limitless. There is always something new to learn. There is always a race to run at any distance. The trick is to learn to balance your training, rest days, easy days, speed days, long days. You have many running years to come. I’m glad that I get to be a part of your running story.

  3. Eve

    Love this Liz! I like the WordPress format, but even better, I love what you have to say! You are one motivating and hot 40 year old runner! Keep this up….love that you share how you push yourself to help us push ourselves!


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